Eurasian Food Catering

Eurasian Food Catering Eurasian cuisine is a glorious mix of Asian and European flavours. The blends are rich in variety ranging from a fiery hot chilli-mustard-vinegar flavoured curry to a mild cinnamon-garlic-onion flavoured stew.

Eurasian food is an exotic blend of East and West. Eurasians have spiced up much of their food with both fresh and dried chillies, and given many of their dishes a typical piquancy by adding tamarind or vinegar.

Eurasians take great pride in preparing their distinctive dishes for extended family gatherings and festive occasions. Different family recipes for a dish will have slight variations and each one is considered special.

People will tell you that the best Eurasian food in Singapore is found not in restaurants but in homes, cooked from recipes handed down through the generations.

This Restaurant introduces the Eurasian past and future cuisine, passed down from generations and to carry the tradition and introduction of new creations to the future generations!

So those of you without the Eurasian connections, there's Quentin's!

For more details, just drop by Quentin's website!

Address: 139 Ceylon Road,Eurasian Community House,Singapore 429744
Tel: (65) 6348 0327 , 6254 4556 , 9147 0146
Fax: (65) 6348 0329

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