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FlorenceGourmetCongratulations to you on the impending arrival of your baby.In FlorenceGourmet, we believe that a good and nutritious diet is very important for a new mother.  This is essential to ensure a smooth recovery after childbirth.  Planning a good confinement menu calls for experience and skills.  Our confinement meals will enhance your post natal health, as well as to help your body to cope with lactation demands of breast-feeding.  What’s more, having taken care of the most important routine in your confinement, it gives you more time to rest and spend time with your new-born.Our menus are designed by a group of experienced grannies and mummies who have undergone the confinement process themselves. The menu are further improved by our chefs to ensure that it suit the modern mummies and yet not compromising on the nutritious values.   We use only the freshest ingredients and the finest herbs in the food preparation.   Our experienced chefs will ensure minimal salt, appropriate quantity and wine to be used.  The cooking timing for these delicate dishes are also well controlled to ensure that the pure essence from the meat and herbs are being retained .  We do not use MSG in our cooking.For enquiries, please contact Florence Tan ( h/p: 98218779 ) or e-mail: florence.confinementfoods@live.com for pricing & menus. P.S. - If you want to know more about services that FlorenceGourmet is offering, then check out this site.


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