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Nonya Food Catering - Baba Nyonya E-Catering Are You Looking For a Valuable Catering Service? Negotiable Price!

Hello! My name is Sheryl. I advertise here with this e-space for my dream of have my own cook with you all. It eventually come to pass when somebody suggest me to set up an e-catering with a new concept style - "Baba Nyonya E-Catering. It will be my unique of food catering and I hope that you will like the Nyonya Food Cooking.

If you are organising a birthday party, wedding/reception, business meeting, or any other affair for that matter, I can take your stress out of home cooking.
I do the shopping, chopping, simmering, cooking, baking and clean-up.
I can guarantee you won't be disappointed!

We provide all of the food items you order.
This will leave you more time to prepare your specialty dish or just some time to relax. This will allow you to do as much or as little as you desire.

For the food wise, you decide the menu that you want for your event. You can choose as much or as little as needed. We will help you decide how much food is needed for your occasion. You can also choose to cook some of your own specialty foods that your guests are looking forward to eating. You can either pick the food up or have the food delivered. Having it delivered is a time saver, but will cost you extra for that service.

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