Sri Geylang Sate (Halal)

Sri Geylang SateSri Geylang Sate brings to you satay so delicious, you'll be craving for more. Its flavours will burst in your mouth everytime you have a stick of the juiciest and most delicious satay we manufacture with the freshest meat and spices.

What more? Dip it in our very famous peanut sauce of course. Our sauces are are made using a special secret ingredient that has had customers calling us the number 1 satay and peanut sauce manufacturer.

We currently cater to a variety of locations all around Singapore. Whether they're on the North, South, East or West side of Singapore, they all have it.

Our variety of satay include:


Do email to us for further enquiries on our products and pricing.

- Sri Geylang Sate -


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Tel: (65) 9890 7578
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