TTG goes Tagalog

TTG goes TagalogWe cater to small parties at anytime you are too lazy to cook and want to have friends around to liven up your hard day's work. We cater to small picnics too to save your hassel of bringing loads of goodies from home just to meet up and chill out with your friends in the garden ! MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, OUR FOOD ARE ALL HOME-COOKED WITHOUT ANY MSG !! So do visit our website and hang out with your friends worry free !! Call us now @ 98712832 or visit us at   OR

Please see below post for our Menu to offer. In view of our small premise, we cater to a minimum of 10 paxs and maximum 40 paxs with a transportation charge of $40 per trip with warmers provided free BUT additional $20 for table set ups.. The prices are allocated below :

1) $10 per Pax Menu :-
- 1 Vegetable Dish (Exclude Pinakbet)
- 2 Chicken/Pork Dish
- 1 Noodle/Fried Rice
- 1 Dessert/Drink

2) $13 per Pax Menu :-
- 1 Vegetable Dish
- 1 Chicken/Pork Dish
- 1 Beef Dish
- 1 Seafood Dish (Fish/Prawn/Calamares)
- 1 Noodle/Fried Rice
- 1 Dessert/Drink

Delivery Timing :
a) Morning - Between 9-11 am
b) Afternoon - Between 2-5 pm
c) Night - Between 6-8pm

Note : -
a) Any Delivery out of our scheduled timing will need an additional upcharge of $5 transport charges.

b) For number of less than 10 people, we charge by the cost per dish (1-person's portion) - you select.


Address: ~~~
Tel: (65) 9871 2832
Fax: (65) ~~~
URL: #

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