Udders Ice Cream

Udders Ice CreamWe create artisan ice cream. Yes, we’re ice cream artists!

Creating high quality ice cream with care, dedication ….  and a personal touch. In a world hurtling towards the mass-produced, we’d like to bring some intimacy back to one of life’s simple pleasures.

Here’s some quick facts about Udders ice cream (to tempt you of course!):
FRESH – We make each batch only when the previous batch is running out, and we make it right on the premises and serve it to you. The Just-in-Time approach to ice cream making!
HOME-MADE – No factory-churned varieties here. Most of our ice cream work is by hand, giving our products that unmistakable depth of flavour and character.
ORIGINAL – We love experimenting. Our recipes are all unique, created with a little bit of passion and a whole lot of cheekiness.
NATURAL  - We try our darndest to use natural ingredients. Our Strawberry Fields, for example, are made from 100% real, fresh strawberries. You can feel the strawberry bits in every bite.
HEALTHY (err... sort of) – We try our skinny best to make ice cream that’s less sweet, yet still retaining the exuberant burst of taste that is ice cream.
We can pack our ice cream in little mini-cups for your function. Each mini-cup has about 90 to 100g of ice cream, about the size of one of our single scoops. Cost of each cup is the same as the cost of a single scoop in our cafe.
For 50 to 99 cups       : Free foam box, delivery charge $30, dry ice $30.
For 100 to 199 cups   : Free foam box, free delivery, dry ice $30.
For 200 to 299 cups   : Free foam box, free delivery, free dry ice and 5% discount!
For 300 to 399 cups   : Free foam box, free delivery, free dry ice and 10% discount!
For 400 to 499 cups   : Free foam box, free delivery, free dry ice and 15% discount!
For 500 cups or more : Free foam box, free delivery, free dry ice and 20% discount!
Do give us at least 5 working days advance notice so that we have ample time to prepare your order.
For each flavour chosen, it would make things easier for us if you order at least 20 mini-tubs of that flavour : )
For more information always feel free to drop by our website!
Milking hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 12 noon to 11pm
Friday, Saturday and eve of PH: 12 noon to 12 midnight

Address: 155 Thomson Road Singapore 307608
Tel: (65) 6254 6629
Fax: (65) 6254 6629
URL: http://www.udders.com.sg/

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