Zaiton Muslim Food Catering (Halal)

Zaiton Muslim Food Catering (Halal)From our humble beginnings as a stall owner to being a caterer, having more than 20 years of serving my customers providing with food services to a one-stop provider for Wedding functions to Company Functions & Special Occasions, we have always been open to feedback from our customers on the quality of food and services. Based on our many customers and their request to further extend our services, we have made provisions to cater to yet another level of conveniences for all.

Thank you for your support and believe in our quality food. Your satisfaction has always been our driving focus in our food business.

Zaiton Muslim Food Catering Services is a family-owned caterer. You  might wonder why Fazspice? Well, to begin with, all my family members begins with those initials. In fact, each of our services begins with the Names of my children. 

  • Fauziah Fresh FoodPaste online services   caters for busy working executives who is always on the move yet believes in  preparing delicious and tasty home cook meals for the family.Our freshly prepared food pastes lessen the preparation time of the food dish for you.Enjoy the time more with friends & family members over that dinner! We believe in quality food. So, orders are taken Every Tuesdays to Fridays.
    We will do the marketing and preparation of the fresh food pastes over the weekends, and deliver them to you on Sundays. Well, you do the planning for the meals for the upcoming week. Click to Order. We will deliver over the weekends. It’s New and Refreshing.
    Convenience & Quality is served at the end of the day! Try it! You are Most Welcome!
  • Ariffin CateringServices . We have been in the catering business in the local market for many years now. We have a wide range of food services plus, we have also help to organise & be a one-stop solution provider for major company functions i.e. company gatherings, learning courses,  BBQ, new automobiles releases  to personal & private parties i.e. Weddings, birthdays, homecoming etc. 
  • Amir TingkatExpress As part of our expansion services, we are also providing our customers HomeCook Tingkat services with a difference. Our food has always been labelled as 'TakeAway HomeCook' by our dear customers and it has been our Trademark. As is, look out for our promotions for you!

Thank you. And have a great day!

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Tel: (65) 9653 5304,9236 6359
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