AllanBakesAllanBakes s the brainchild of Allan Teoh, who took up baking as a hobby and is also self-taught but has now built it into a lively home-baked business. In the seventies, he used to bake every weekend for his mum to sample and comment and that's one reason why he has a deeply rooted passion for baking. However, with the demise of his beloved mother in the late eighties, Allan completely gave up baking as his one and only devoted critic was not there to encourage him further.

It was only recently that after much coaxing from his friends, Allan donned back his apron and started baking again. He was initially skeptical but by the end of the first year, it was clear to him that his love for baking has not waned and that won back his confidence. He started taking orders, albeit as a hobby, and has not regretted since. Prior to venturing into the baking business, Allan was working in the corporate world at management level, for almost a decade and specialises in Communications.


Address: 3 South Buona Vista #02-13 The Village Centre Singapore 118136
Tel: (65) 6774 7100,9833 3622
Fax: (65) ~~~

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