Event Catering Systems Pte Ltd (Halal)

Event Catering Systems Pte LtdA little background ... .
Event Catering System Pte Ltd was setup on 18 December 1995 by a group of 5 people, namely Mrs Gladys Chee, Mrs Florence Chee, Mrs Flora Koh, Nick Teo and Lionel Chee when we took over a little Eurasian restaurant called Casa Bom Vento in old Joo Chiat Road heritage community. The reason being that Eurasian food is seldom known even to the man on the streets and it has close links to Peranakan food which is a part of our family culture. Like most other home-grown companies, the beginning was extremely difficult. We had many sleepless nights as we were just entering into the foray of food catering business for the first time. We could only muster a maximum number of 20pax function initially with the restaurant attendance of about 30 covers per week but we stuck to our faith and believe in our most valuable knowledge and that is the love of food ....

Present ... .
Today, our company has a stable of Casa Bom Vento, probably the only halal ethnic Eurasian Restaurant in Singapore; Event Catering System Pte Ltd, whose capacity has grown up to 8000pax per single function and the running of the first halal certified offshore club house on the Shell Pulau Bukom which comprises of a fine dining Chinese Restaurant and a coffeehouse. We also have more than 10 different types of food, ranging from Eurasian to Turkish. Our staff strength which started from 5 has grown to about 20. Despite having all these to our name, we have remained humble to our service.

Our Contribution ... .
We view our role in society as a provider of a taste of life through the food medium with caring service. Food is like music; it comprises of the same musical notes but move it around and you will always find endlessly something new. It depends on ones individual skill to move it. And that is probably our company's axiom towards our contribution to the catering society. Striving to be the best is better than striving to be the biggest.

We hope to be of service to you soon … ..


Address: 467 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427678
Tel: (65) 6346 8433,6348 7786
Fax: (65) 6346 0693
URL: http://www.eguide.com.sg/ads/sg2231/

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